Pico Desktop Clock

A fun project using a Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller. Out of my comfort zone of web development where I have virtually limitless RAM and a 1000 screen sizes to deal with. Here I have around 100kb of RAM and a round screen at 240 x 240 pixels.

Considering the display at 8 bit will consume another 50kb of RAM, there isn't much left

Raspberry Pi Pico Desktop Clock with Round LCD

A little desktop clock with round display for Raspberry Pi Pico, or could be coded to do and be anything you want.


  • Acquires current time from NTP
  • Customisable alarms with snooze feature
  • Buzzer to play musical alarms

Wiring pic

  • Designed in Fusion360
  • Printed on Ender 3 v2 Neo
  • Assembled on my desk

Back to basics code

def drawHand(value, distance, intervals = 60): """Draw a hand on the clock face value: The hand position distance: The distance from the centre intervals: The number of intervals""" display.set_pen(GREEN) # Calculate the position of the hand angle = math.pi * 2 * (value / intervals) - math.pi / 2 x = int(MIDX + math.cos(angle) * distance) y = int(MIDY + math.sin(angle) * distance) # Draw the hand display.line(MIDX, MIDY, x, y)
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