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A brief look at what I can offer your business, please contact me to discuss your needs in more detail.

Agile Development

Evolve your website alongside your business. Nothing stays the same for long, and having an agile website and developer allows your online presence to react quickly to changes in your company and market places. With regular scheduled updates and additions, and a constant review of how your website is performing, your website will be free grow and bloom naturally over time.

New Websites

New startup, looking for your first website or just want to start again (see Updates and Renovations before throwing away your old website). I can lead you from the very basic overview through to a complete specification, and a final launch website. If you are looking for a website that is innovative, profitable and results driven please contact me. Also consider Agile Development for a less stressful journey to online success.

Updates and Rennovations

Any website, any platform, any code. Updates and fixes to bring your existing website up to date in design, functionality and security. Many companies are throwing out their entire website for something new, but most can be fixed, updated and worked on. Old technology, absent developers or lost access codes? I can revive your website and bring it back to life.

Online Marketing

Are your efforts and work in online marketing or social networking actually working for your business? It is easy to waste plenty of time and money getting social, but you really need a strategy before you post another word or funny cat picture. Innovative ideas to put your business ahead with simple, strong and effective online marketing campaigns tailored to your business. From ad networks to Twitter, Youtube to microsites, start exploiting them all for real returns.

Retail and Ecommerce

It's never been easier or cheaper to sell you products to new customers online. From choosing or developing your retail platform to security and marketing I can guide you all the way to success. Agile Development is perfect for ecommerce, enabling you to really react to your customers and what they want, whether it be loyalty schemes, offers or value added content your website will evolve with them. If you are already up and running, I can bring my expertise to really maximize your conversion rates, sales, customer ratings and bottom line profit.

Help and Advice

Need help understanding emerging technologies, feeling a little left behind. Not sure what the right direction is for your business online? Independent help and advice - from basic web technology to securing your business data online, marketing to app development. Even if you have existing developers, in house teams, or deep into a new website build, you can never have too much knowledge to hand. Free 1 hour advice session for any local business.


A selection of my personal on going agile development projects.

Javascript Poisson Disc Sampling Algorithm

A simple to use example of the Poisson disc sampling algorithm to distribute points evenly yet randomly.

Features : Graphical demonstration, full implementation, usable code

Technology : Javascript, ES6, OOP, Algorithms, HTML5

Javascript A* (A Star) Path Finder Algorithm

A simple to use example of the A* path finding algorithm.

Features : Graphical demonstration, custom maps and settings, h weights

Technology : Javascript, ES6, OOP, Algorithms, HTML5

Drinks On Sale

Get your favourite tipples and drinks when they're on offer and save £££s. 1000s of drinks from Adnams to Zyweic and Absinthe to Vodka, price tracked daily. Sign up for email alerts and we will let you know when your chosen drinks or brands are on offer, or just browse for something tasty.

Features : Daily price tracking, email alerts, favourites and wish list.

Technology : Automation, affiliate retail, data processing (API), user interaction (Email), responsive design

Litecoin Trader

Monitor the Litecoin price in a simple and easy to use format. Ideal for the small day trader who wants something simple. Free SMS alerts direct to phone so you never miss that profitable trade or bail out before it crashes. Historic price data is now being gathered for more advanced analysis.

Features : 5 minute interval pricing, configurable charts, SMS price alerts, ongoing data collection and analysis

Technology : Machine learning, large data, Blockchain APIs, user interaction (SMS gateway), responsive design

Crypto Coin Club UK

Join me down the rabbit hole of crypto currency (aka Bitcoin). Simple lessons and guides to give you real experience of buying, exchanging, earning, using and trading digital assets. Earn Reddcoin (worth real money) rewards while you learn and interact with the website.

Features : Lessons and guides, earn Reddcoin, track your portfolio, coin database and jargon buster.

Technology : Decentralised computing, blockchain (API), coin exchanges (API), large data, responsive design, user interaction (rewards).

Safe Food - Broadland

Food ratings for over 800 establishments in Broadland, receive alerts by email if your selected restaurants or food producers go up or down. Make an informed decision about where to eat and drink.

Features : Up to date ratings, Google maps, email alerts, responsive design

Technology : Data APIs, Google maps, responsive design


Choosing the right platform and software for your online projects is often ignored or left up to what the developer wants. In most cases this works out, but some companies could benefit from a more informed choice. I'll help you decide what is best for your business and online requirements.

Keep your options open - By using an industry standard platform you'll have lots of options for developers and people being able to work on your website. Packages and frameworks limit the available resource, and should be chosen with specific goals in mind.

KISS - Keep it simply secure - I try not to use many packages, frameworks and code libraries. I cannot guarantee the security or if they are fit for purpose. Patches and updates need to be applied and you will probably require some form of ongoing support contract. Keeping the technology simple and secure is the best option for most.

My preferred toolkit includes :

  • Linux
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Javascript / JQuery
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • MVC / CRUD implementations

Also competent in the following technologies :

  • Microsoft, ASP, Vbasic
  • MVC frameworks (Laravel, Ruby, Symfony, Zend etc)
  • Modules, plugins and template engines - from Wordpress to Angular
  • Code packagers, version control, helpers and bootstraps

Drones and UAVs

Drones and unmanned aerial vehicles have lead us all into a new and exciting era of flight and videography. The range and depth of the oppurtunities are substantial. Thinking drones may be able to help your business development, call me to discuss the options and plan the path ahead.

Some more common uses for drones include agricultural surveys, geographical mapping, building planning, roads, rivers, land use, security, traffic management, search and rescue, and unique eye catching videography.

Aerial video

If you want your video productions to stand out drones can offer this. Show a new perspective, a new vision and capture movement in new ways. Using the latest in stabalised camera technology, crystal clear footage from any angle, height or distance is at your hands.

More aerial videos : Hassingham Church, Brundall Marina, Above the Fog

Freestyle video

With advancements in technology we can now strap HD cameras to freestyle micro drones allowing greater speed, control and manauverability. Put drones into locations and situations previously thought impossible, capture the world with a new dyanamism. If your videos require that unique element freestyle drone videography could be your solution.

More freestyle videos : Low flying, Letting of steam, Sunset celebration


If you are interested in funding the startup of new and exciting online projects in the Blockchain or Affiliate Retail sectors please get in touch. Be on the cutting edge of decentralized computing.

If you have the idea and the backing but need someone to bring it to life, call now and we can make it happen together. From refining basic ideas, prototyping web services through to scaling up for high volume production sites or applications. Do not hesitate, take the action now to make it happen.

Or maybe you just have an idea but struggling to see how you can make it a reality. Talk to me and I will show the path to success.


No matter what stage you are at with your online projects, contact me and I will guarantee to bring a new light and definition to your plans. Take action now to secure your online future.

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Address : 29 St Laurence Avenue, Brundall. Norwich. NR13 5QH.