Matthew Page

PHP & Laravel Web Developer

I am a freelance web developer working from Norfolk in England.

I have many years experience developing small to medium sized business web sites and applications using PHP and frameworks such as Laravel. I also have some experience of Javascript and front end libraries such as React and Vue. I am strongest on the backend.

I like to work from my home office which is well equipped for my needs, and prefer to work with clients locally so we can share plenty of face to face time in the office. I am happy to be working with you from anywhere, but I won't be travelling much.

I am open to long or short term contracts, and offers of a more permanent nature.

I can quickly on board your projects and be productive within a day usually, integrating into your own workflow and management tools seamlessly.

I am happy to take on new or existing projects, working by myself or contributing to a development team. I have experience of leading small teams, and providing support such as code reviews and helping juniors grow.

I hope you find my web site informative and look forward to hearing from you soon.

  • Freelance Developer
  • Professional WFH Office
  • Rapid On-boarding
  • Proven track record
  • Competitive rates
  • Flexibility
  • Client Presentable
  • Zero Cost Start
Friday 12th
build Use AlpineJS, Git and Github, Laravel, Livewire and PHP - Deploying new features and merge fixes Intermediate (2 hours)
build Use Laravel and PHP - New form designer field type Intermediate (3 hours)
Thursday 11th
build Use AlpineJS, Laravel, Livewire and PHP - New feature - child collection password expiry Intermediate (3 hours)
build Use AlpineJS, Laravel, Livewire and PHP - Form designer fixes and updates Intermediate (3 hours)
Wednesday 10th
build Use AlpineJS, Laravel, Livewire and PHP - New feature - child collection passwords Intermediate (5 hours)



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