Web Development

Junior - I have a basic understanding of the skill and can perform simple tasks.

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Everything to do with 'AI'

  • Machine learning
  • Deep learning
  • Neural networks
  • LLMs
  • ChatGPT & Llama

Recently I have been exploring the ecosphere and trying out some examples of LLMs, focusing on running the models locally in a private environment. Uploading project documents and creating customised GPTs.

Results so far are mixed and still working on how to use computer software that is not factual or truthful and regularly hallucinates.

Activity sprint

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Skill Journey route

  • circle Add documents to a local LLM
  • circle Try a non-llm model
  • circle Fine tune a local Llama
  • task_alt

    Setup a local Llama 30th April 2024 4 weeks ago

  • task_alt

    Run a local Text to Speach model 04th April 2024 1 month ago

Skill Log sticky_note_2

  • 10 Apr 2024 school Exploring local fine tuning models
    Basic (4 hours)

  • 02 Apr 2024 build Working on a simple LLM project
    Basic (4 hours)

  • 28 Mar 2024 school Catching up with interviews with AI leaders
    Basic (3 hours)

  • 27 Mar 2024 school Training / tuning a local Llama with my data
    Intermediate (6 hours)

  • 26 Mar 2024 school Installing and running LLMs locally - Llama
    Intermediate (6 hours)

  • 25 Mar 2024 school Working on some LLM tutorials and examples
    Intermediate (4 hours)