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I developed an interest in mathematical equations and geometry. After delving into the intricacies of the superellipse, also known as the Lamé curve, I embarked on creating a JavaScript demonstration to illustrate its practical application. My approach involved meticulously reconstructing the essential equation using information from sources, such as the Wiki page .

The history of the Lamé curve, or the superellipse, is interesting and worth a read. It was first introduced by Gabriel Lamé, a French mathematician, in the 19th century. Lamé was a prominent figure in the field of mathematics, known for his contributions to various areas of mathematics, including elasticity theory and number theory.

The Lamé curve, represented by the equation (|x/a|^n + |y/b|^n)^(1/n) = 1, is a versatile mathematical shape that combines elements of both a circle and a rectangle. Its unique properties have found applications in various fields, including architecture, design, and computer graphics.

As the mathematical concepts underlying the Lamé curve are relatively straightforward, I decided to take the initiative to enhance the demonstration further by incorporating an intuitive user interface, captivating animations, and the capability to export the result as an SVG file. While the need to create a superellipse may not arise frequently in everyday life, the versatility of this tool ensures that it can prove invaluable when unexpected challenges or opportunities arise

Interesting info

  • A Squircle is a superellipse with n = 4, a = 100 and b = 100
  • A roundabout in Sweden was designed using a superellipse with n = 2.5 and a = 120 and b = 100

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Read the Wiki pages for a detailed explanation.

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