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Intermediate - I have a good understanding of the skill and can perform most tasks.

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Reading and interpreting algorithms and mathematical equations is an important skill for all web developers to have and maintain. Seemingly unsolvable problems have usually been tackled and clever solutions developed.

In mathematics and computer science, an algorithm is a finite sequence of rigorous instructions, typically used to solve a class of specific problems or to perform a computation. Algorithms are used as specifications for performing calculations and data processing.

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  • circle Refresh from 'Nature of Code' book
  • circle Implement a Fluid Dynamics algorithm 🌊
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    Implement the A* algorithm 02nd August 2020 3 years ago

  • task_alt

    Implement a Bubble Sort algorithm 03rd November 1999 24 years ago

  • task_alt

    Read and code a simple algorithm 14th October 1987 36 years ago

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  • 27 Feb 2024 school Researching lexical analysis code
    Intermediate (2 hours)