March 2024

Developer Journal

Thursday 28th
school Learn AI - Catching up with interviews with AI leaders
Altman and Lecun Basic (3 hours)
Wednesday 27th
school Learn AI, APIs and Data Wrangling - Training / tuning a local Llama with my data
Llamas are not very well behaved, even after tuning.. Intermediate (6 hours)
Tuesday 26th
school Learn AI and Algorithms - Installing and running LLMs locally - Llama
Aka private GPTs Intermediate (6 hours)
Monday 25th
school Learn AI, Algorithms and Python - Working on some LLM tutorials and examples
Installing locally Intermediate (4 hours)
Thursday 21st
build Use AlpineJS, Javascript and Tailwind CSS - Building front end components for payment management
Payments, refunds and subscriptions Intermediate (5 hours)
Wednesday 20th
build Use Laravel, Payment Gateways and PHP - Developing a returns and refund journey Intermediate (5 hours)
Tuesday 19th
build Use Laravel, Payment Gateways and PHP - Integrating into Worldpay Intermediate (4 hours)
school Learn TDD - Working on examples of BDD tests Intermediate (1 hour)
Monday 18th
build Use Laravel, Livewire, PHP and Tailwind CSS - New ecommerce site for small business Intermediate (6 hours)
Friday 15th
build Use Laravel and PHP - Dealing with some Large number libraries for finance
BCMath looking good.. Intermediate (3 hours)
Thursday 14th
school Learn PHP - Working through some attribute demos and examples
Thinking about how to best use attributes... Advanced (4 hours)
Wednesday 13th
build Use AlpineJS, Laravel, PHP and Tailwind CSS - Upgrade Laravel 7
Finishing up routing and code cleanup Intermediate (4 hours)
Tuesday 12th
build Use AlpineJS, Laravel, PHP and Tailwind CSS - Upgrading Laravel 7
Moving simple Vue components to Alpine Intermediate (5 hours)
Monday 11th
build Use AlpineJS, Laravel, PHP and Tailwind CSS - Working on new Laravel 11 TALL upgrade
Version 8 bootstrap and jquery to 11 TALL Intermediate (6 hours)
Monday 4th
build Use AlpineJS and Tailwind CSS - Developing some frontend components
Search filtering and autocompletes Intermediate (3 hours)
build Use Laravel and PHP - Upgrading a Laravel 7 project Intermediate (3 hours)
task_alt Completed Laravel skill journey - Master the Service Container
Friday 1st
school Learn Laravel - Reviewing Laravel 11 Intermediate (2 hours)
build Use Laravel, PHP and Tailwind CSS - Rebuilding a demo site in Laravel 11 Intermediate (5 hours)